Cars 2 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

15 Aug

Both of these film have a lot going for them. One is an established franchise and the other is a reboot of a established franchise.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is what fans of planet of the apes fan want. A concise and comprehensive reboot that covers most parts of the planet of the apes. Characters and events occur and connect to the previous films but it all seams far to neat. With so many fan points of reference to fit into this film it feels rushed. Time speeds forward three, five years at a time before it gets to a point when the apes actually rise. The main character, Ceaser the ape is most definitely the best part of the film. It is all about him being raised and finding his place in a human society. Of course when he fails is when the story really starts.

Sadly this ape revolution seems really boring. Apes break out, break out more apes and more apes, throw stuff at some cop cars and take down one helicopter. Every human with a few exceptions seem to escape with there lives and main characters die only when they really deserve it. The devastation caused by the apes seems to be minor  and then it just ends. Probably more to come if the studio believes its worth it.

One thing I can take with me from this film is that the Apes are FANTASTIC. The periods with little to no dialogue dont worry me since the apes look convincing and emote brilliantly. This is a long way from Gollum and an even longer way from Jar Jar Binks. CGI characters did a better job in this film than a lot of the human cast. This film should be called Rise of the Computer Generated Thespians.

Next up,Cars 2 is a obvious sequel to my least favourite Pixar movie. It starts in Radiator Springs and walks you through every convenient locale from Tokyo to Italy to London. Its filled with references to stuff. STUFF!!

This is where is left my brain at the door. We are here now, look at stuff and this stuff and stuff over there and funny stuff that only adults might get and celebrity voices stuff.

Its as if Pixar asked Dreamworks to produce this. Its entertaining and has some sort of eco message, but its to0 busy with pointing out the obvious about each Geographical location and all the cliches that go with it. Pope car, check, British Queen car, Check! Its lame and lame is not what I expect from Pixar movies. My tear ducts only got in the way once in the movie. Thats not great coming from the studio that made UP, the film that had me in tears five minutes in.

This film has a heart but sadly all its other internal organs have been replaced with car parts, including its brain. Too bad.

Next time is plan to review Horrible Bosses and The Devils Double.


Video game landslide

23 Jul

So once again it has been a while since my last update. I have been busy working on commissions and other random hoo hah.

After a few months of telling myself that I could live without a console in my life  focusing entirely on artwork, design work, the occasional Minecraft session. I caved. I caved because I saw what was coming.

I have to say that I survived for a good time without my Xbox by enjoying my life with the lovely L and generally having an awesome time as much of the time as possible.

However when the Rockstars game L.A. Noire came out this summer I watched it being played by someone on YouTube. I chose this method over the normal method of playing only because this game looked like a movie. I can now say that I have seen L.A. Noire. I can also now say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed playing it myself as it wasn’t my type of game. I would have wanted to run  rampage every other second and drive my 1950s station wagon into a self service gas station only to see the period clothed pedestrians with their amazing motion captured faces running screaming. I digress but then I like to digress. I like games that let me choose my own path and L.A. Noire is not.

I picked up a second hand copy of Saint Row 2 because its mental. Its sheer options and each option is fun. Its not Shakespeare but its awesome. I chose to pick it up because I could smell the third instalment coming. I was seeing the trailers and the screen shots and the sheer randomness. I wanted it now but Saint Row The Third is not out till Nov 15th. It sucks.

So I have to wait for one game to come out later this year but NO!!! It suddenly gets complicated. There are other releases.

“WHERE IS DIABLO THREE??” L says to me. She is lucky that she is only eagerly anticipating one video game. Here is my list of Autumn game releases that interest me

Deus Ex Human Revolution 23rd Aug (I am interested by the story and some game play ideas)

Driver San Fransico 30th Aug (WANT WANT WANT. I bought Driver and then borrowed a friends PSone to play it on)

Dead Island 6th Sept (Interesting in the story and gameplay mechanics)

Rage 13th Sept (I didn’t play New Vegas so I may feel the need to get my post apocalyptic shooter on with this )

The Darkness 2 Oct 4th (I loved the original even with its stupid abrupt ending)

Forza 4 Oct 11th (Broom brrroooom)

Batman Archam City Oct 18th (SECOND WANT on this list. I loved Asylum and cant wait to play this )

Battlefield 3 Oct 25th (Third WANT on the list and I am picking this over Batman. I loved Bad Company 2 and cannot wait to play this)

Modern Warfare 3 Nov 11th (Will play this at some point but I wont be doing any crazy midnight release for this cash cow)

And Saints Row the Third of course.

Damn it has been some time Part 2

2 Jun

Well well well.

You say its June already? Golly Gee! I must make you that tea I promised before my mind slips and it becomes July.

With April came the end of my first solo exhibition. Personally I got great enjoyment out of people finally being able to see my work and it helped me see what sort of changes I should make to sell the work I like to draw. Also I gained quite a few customers.

The rest of April was a blur of working and cinema, helping my sister move out, roller derby training, falling bruising etc and drawing. I started April prodcing new works for an exhibition that was being discussed to start at the beginning of May in a new gallery down on the green. I am glad I produced new work but the gallery turned out to be a pipe dream and as of yet has not opened its doors.

May, and I moved to my fathers house to continue my personal work and job. I made the move with very little possessions. The aim being to move in with a friend at some point later this year. Everything I own is boxed away and I miss my stuff but I have my skates.Roller derby continued to be the midweek focus of my life as most people would attest to when they have found the group sport of their dream.

I also found another passion re ignited and over the space of a week we started everything from scratch. She has made me more happy than roller derby ever could. I hope I make her just as happy. 🙂

A few weeks later and roller derby tries to break me. I collided with another skater and severely hurt my chest. I was off work, off skates and off my feet for sometime. I used the opportunity to produce more and more work. To work on commissions and to have more fun with my drawings.

So that brings us right up to now eh? Listen to me going on and on like that. I will try not to keep you waiting so long next time. Infact I have a tumblr account to keep you entertained while you wait for your next appointment.

Oh! I also forgot to ask how you are?

Damm! Its been some time hasn’t it. Part 1

15 May Emerald River


Sorry to have kept you waiting. I didn’t realise you where sitting there. Did my secretary let you in without telling me? I think she quit a few months ago so you have been waiting patiently.

Well come on, I have lots to tell you. Should I work my way backwards or forwards? Forwards! Excellent. Have a seat, have a biscuit and some tea.

There was January but that was filled with drawing, work and much lark so its generally best to skip that month. You should always try to skip over Januarys.

February was WAY better. By this point the beard mark 2 is fully installed and keeping my face warm from the cold blast of air.

There was the first exhibition for my friend Jimsin Vogels works of pure genius.

I think at the time he said that the exhibition night had been the best day of his life.

By that point I had been asked if I too would produce work for an exhibition at the beginning of March. My first solo exhbition is on the horizon and much work has to be done.

Its also at that time that I finally got my skates on and started training with the GCRG. After many months of Sheena Antionette going on about its supreme awesomeness she finally had me convinced. As I write this today I am broken and bruised, on pain killers and in a carefully seated position BUT I still love derby.

Onward to the fifteenth and a most awesome birthday. I got to do exactly what I wanted to do that day. By this point exhibition planning is coming along too with my father George Knights being very productive on the mounting and framing side. I couldn’t believe how much work I had to show.

Mounted but not yet framed

Also during this period of great productivity I created some of my most detailed works and had a great time doing so.

Your cup is empty. I leave you all alone for months on end and now you have nothing to drink whilst I speak. Let me pop the kettle on and I will talk about March and April in a moment.

Emerald River

When it rains it pours

9 Jan

Ever wonder what changes are going to occur to your life in
a New Year. Its a fresh start, a blank slate and reformatted drive.
I went into this year thinking that 2010 had been enough of a
change for me to handle. Losing a partner in crime on Christmas Eve
and generally having to work an absolute shit tonne made almost all
my festive spirit vanish. So when it came to the New Year I just
stayed in solitude and got DRUNK. The rest of 2011 is all change.
No resolutions, just change. Change of address and possibly city.
Change of job. Change of everything.

Birthdays and Birthdays and Christmas OH MY!

16 Nov

2010 has been a wicked year starting with much sadness but ending in much joy as I have climbed out of a rabbit hole!

With the silent approach of 2011 (silent due to the fact that i hate ticking things) I feel like Buster Keaton hanging onto the hands of on a clock face, wishing for more time and simultaneously managing to mis manage the time I do have.

So I have a week off work coming up soon and that gives me plenty of time to stop, look around and see what I have been overlooking these last few days. I have a trip down to Edinburgh to see my Grandmother celebrate her Ninetieth birthday. She is a lovely woman who i always regret not seeing enough of.











Its difficult to figure out what a person of such advanced  years wants for a birthday (besides a bottle of Sloe Gin) so I have kindly bestowed my gifts upon the image above to restore it to some decent quality worth viewing. Thank you photoshop.

Then I have my parter in crimes birthday and its also hard to know what someone like her would like (besides a bottle of Sloe Gin) but i have tasked my best and brightest minions from around the globe to deal with her.

Then there is Christmas. Oh joy of joys do I love the festive season. At least this year I have no tv and thus am not being pressured into getting boring stuff. Instead i am moving at my own pace and deciding what people are getting. Then there is the inevitable crafting period before christmas. I think i will have alot of Paper cuts this year.

Anyway peace out!

Halloween and other madness

2 Nov

So, its November now and between now and Christmas is the mostly insignificant Guy Fawkes night.

Its not that i don’t like the Fifth of November, it was always a good excuse to hold sparklers and watch huge fireworks go off. Oh and the smell, the smell is one of those things that stirs your memories. Anyway I am an American at heart so I love love love Halloween. I blame the halloween episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

So i spent quite a lot of time on my Halloween costume this year. The result can be seen below. I enjoyed myself quite substantially even if it was the Friday before halloween that i actually went out on.











Also just finished some early concept work for “Vanity Flair”, a new Big cartel store that should be up online in the not so distant future.











Planning to do a few more illustrations now that I have finished the bulk of deadline work and have returned to my more than flexible scheduling. That and i have grand intentions of christmas gifts this year!