Halloween and other madness

2 Nov

So, its November now and between now and Christmas is the mostly insignificant Guy Fawkes night.

Its not that i don’t like the Fifth of November, it was always a good excuse to hold sparklers and watch huge fireworks go off. Oh and the smell, the smell is one of those things that stirs your memories. Anyway I am an American at heart so I love love love Halloween. I blame the halloween episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

So i spent quite a lot of time on my Halloween costume this year. The result can be seen below. I enjoyed myself quite substantially even if it was the Friday before halloween that i actually went out on.











Also just finished some early concept work for “Vanity Flair”, a new Big cartel store that should be up online in the not so distant future.











Planning to do a few more illustrations now that I have finished the bulk of deadline work and have returned to my more than flexible scheduling. That and i have grand intentions of christmas gifts this year!



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