Birthdays and Birthdays and Christmas OH MY!

16 Nov

2010 has been a wicked year starting with much sadness but ending in much joy as I have climbed out of a rabbit hole!

With the silent approach of 2011 (silent due to the fact that i hate ticking things) I feel like Buster Keaton hanging onto the hands of on a clock face, wishing for more time and simultaneously managing to mis manage the time I do have.

So I have a week off work coming up soon and that gives me plenty of time to stop, look around and see what I have been overlooking these last few days. I have a trip down to Edinburgh to see my Grandmother celebrate her Ninetieth birthday. She is a lovely woman who i always regret not seeing enough of.











Its difficult to figure out what a person of such advanced  years wants for a birthday (besides a bottle of Sloe Gin) so I have kindly bestowed my gifts upon the image above to restore it to some decent quality worth viewing. Thank you photoshop.

Then I have my parter in crimes birthday and its also hard to know what someone like her would like (besides a bottle of Sloe Gin) but i have tasked my best and brightest minions from around the globe to deal with her.

Then there is Christmas. Oh joy of joys do I love the festive season. At least this year I have no tv and thus am not being pressured into getting boring stuff. Instead i am moving at my own pace and deciding what people are getting. Then there is the inevitable crafting period before christmas. I think i will have alot of Paper cuts this year.

Anyway peace out!


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