Damm! Its been some time hasn’t it. Part 1

15 May


Sorry to have kept you waiting. I didn’t realise you where sitting there. Did my secretary let you in without telling me? I think she quit a few months ago so you have been waiting patiently.

Well come on, I have lots to tell you. Should I work my way backwards or forwards? Forwards! Excellent. Have a seat, have a biscuit and some tea.

There was January but that was filled with drawing, work and much lark so its generally best to skip that month. You should always try to skip over Januarys.

February was WAY better. By this point the beard mark 2 is fully installed and keeping my face warm from the cold blast of air.

There was the first exhibition for my friend Jimsin Vogels works of pure genius.

I think at the time he said that the exhibition night had been the best day of his life.

By that point I had been asked if I too would produce work for an exhibition at the beginning of March. My first solo exhbition is on the horizon and much work has to be done.

Its also at that time that I finally got my skates on and started training with the GCRG. After many months of Sheena Antionette going on about its supreme awesomeness she finally had me convinced. As I write this today I am broken and bruised, on pain killers and in a carefully seated position BUT I still love derby.

Onward to the fifteenth and a most awesome birthday. I got to do exactly what I wanted to do that day. By this point exhibition planning is coming along too with my father George Knights being very productive on the mounting and framing side. I couldn’t believe how much work I had to show.

Mounted but not yet framed

Also during this period of great productivity I created some of my most detailed works and had a great time doing so.

Your cup is empty. I leave you all alone for months on end and now you have nothing to drink whilst I speak. Let me pop the kettle on and I will talk about March and April in a moment.

Emerald River


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