Damn it has been some time Part 2

2 Jun

Well well well.

You say its June already? Golly Gee! I must make you that tea I promised before my mind slips and it becomes July.

With April came the end of my first solo exhibition. Personally I got great enjoyment out of people finally being able to see my work and it helped me see what sort of changes I should make to sell the work I like to draw. Also I gained quite a few customers.

The rest of April was a blur of working and cinema, helping my sister move out, roller derby training, falling bruising etc and drawing. I started April prodcing new works for an exhibition that was being discussed to start at the beginning of May in a new gallery down on the green. I am glad I produced new work but the gallery turned out to be a pipe dream and as of yet has not opened its doors.

May, and I moved to my fathers house to continue my personal work and job. I made the move with very little possessions. The aim being to move in with a friend at some point later this year. Everything I own is boxed away and I miss my stuff but I have my skates.Roller derby continued to be the midweek focus of my life as most people would attest to when they have found the group sport of their dream.

I also found another passion re ignited and over the space of a week we started everything from scratch. She has made me more happy than roller derby ever could. I hope I make her just as happy. 🙂

A few weeks later and roller derby tries to break me. I collided with another skater and severely hurt my chest. I was off work, off skates and off my feet for sometime. I used the opportunity to produce more and more work. To work on commissions and to have more fun with my drawings.

So that brings us right up to now eh? Listen to me going on and on like that. I will try not to keep you waiting so long next time. Infact I have a tumblr account to keep you entertained while you wait for your next appointment.

Oh! I also forgot to ask how you are?


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