Video game landslide

23 Jul

So once again it has been a while since my last update. I have been busy working on commissions and other random hoo hah.

After a few months of telling myself that I could live without a console in my life  focusing entirely on artwork, design work, the occasional Minecraft session. I caved. I caved because I saw what was coming.

I have to say that I survived for a good time without my Xbox by enjoying my life with the lovely L and generally having an awesome time as much of the time as possible.

However when the Rockstars game L.A. Noire came out this summer I watched it being played by someone on YouTube. I chose this method over the normal method of playing only because this game looked like a movie. I can now say that I have seen L.A. Noire. I can also now say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed playing it myself as it wasn’t my type of game. I would have wanted to run  rampage every other second and drive my 1950s station wagon into a self service gas station only to see the period clothed pedestrians with their amazing motion captured faces running screaming. I digress but then I like to digress. I like games that let me choose my own path and L.A. Noire is not.

I picked up a second hand copy of Saint Row 2 because its mental. Its sheer options and each option is fun. Its not Shakespeare but its awesome. I chose to pick it up because I could smell the third instalment coming. I was seeing the trailers and the screen shots and the sheer randomness. I wanted it now but Saint Row The Third is not out till Nov 15th. It sucks.

So I have to wait for one game to come out later this year but NO!!! It suddenly gets complicated. There are other releases.

“WHERE IS DIABLO THREE??” L says to me. She is lucky that she is only eagerly anticipating one video game. Here is my list of Autumn game releases that interest me

Deus Ex Human Revolution 23rd Aug (I am interested by the story and some game play ideas)

Driver San Fransico 30th Aug (WANT WANT WANT. I bought Driver and then borrowed a friends PSone to play it on)

Dead Island 6th Sept (Interesting in the story and gameplay mechanics)

Rage 13th Sept (I didn’t play New Vegas so I may feel the need to get my post apocalyptic shooter on with this )

The Darkness 2 Oct 4th (I loved the original even with its stupid abrupt ending)

Forza 4 Oct 11th (Broom brrroooom)

Batman Archam City Oct 18th (SECOND WANT on this list. I loved Asylum and cant wait to play this )

Battlefield 3 Oct 25th (Third WANT on the list and I am picking this over Batman. I loved Bad Company 2 and cannot wait to play this)

Modern Warfare 3 Nov 11th (Will play this at some point but I wont be doing any crazy midnight release for this cash cow)

And Saints Row the Third of course.


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