Cars 2 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

15 Aug

Both of these film have a lot going for them. One is an established franchise and the other is a reboot of a established franchise.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is what fans of planet of the apes fan want. A concise and comprehensive reboot that covers most parts of the planet of the apes. Characters and events occur and connect to the previous films but it all seams far to neat. With so many fan points of reference to fit into this film it feels rushed. Time speeds forward three, five years at a time before it gets to a point when the apes actually rise. The main character, Ceaser the ape is most definitely the best part of the film. It is all about him being raised and finding his place in a human society. Of course when he fails is when the story really starts.

Sadly this ape revolution seems really boring. Apes break out, break out more apes and more apes, throw stuff at some cop cars and take down one helicopter. Every human with a few exceptions seem to escape with there lives and main characters die only when they really deserve it. The devastation caused by the apes seems to be minor  and then it just ends. Probably more to come if the studio believes its worth it.

One thing I can take with me from this film is that the Apes are FANTASTIC. The periods with little to no dialogue dont worry me since the apes look convincing and emote brilliantly. This is a long way from Gollum and an even longer way from Jar Jar Binks. CGI characters did a better job in this film than a lot of the human cast. This film should be called Rise of the Computer Generated Thespians.

Next up,Cars 2 is a obvious sequel to my least favourite Pixar movie. It starts in Radiator Springs and walks you through every convenient locale from Tokyo to Italy to London. Its filled with references to stuff. STUFF!!

This is where is left my brain at the door. We are here now, look at stuff and this stuff and stuff over there and funny stuff that only adults might get and celebrity voices stuff.

Its as if Pixar asked Dreamworks to produce this. Its entertaining and has some sort of eco message, but its to0 busy with pointing out the obvious about each Geographical location and all the cliches that go with it. Pope car, check, British Queen car, Check! Its lame and lame is not what I expect from Pixar movies. My tear ducts only got in the way once in the movie. Thats not great coming from the studio that made UP, the film that had me in tears five minutes in.

This film has a heart but sadly all its other internal organs have been replaced with car parts, including its brain. Too bad.

Next time is plan to review Horrible Bosses and The Devils Double.


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