When it rains it pours

27 Oct

This has been a fairly mad week for me and my poor little brain.

Had a mad dash to finish work on some jewellery designs for The Granite City Roller Girls via Sheena Antoinette. Glad its all done but for a few custom orders that have come after the first batch. That and i still have to finish a custom design for someones birthday. Been requested to do some artwork for another designer which is most splendid.

Too boot I might have the opportunity to produce some work for theĀ Aberdeen Art Centre.

This is some of the Roller Derby work i just completed.

So Halloween is coming up too! Guess i will be out Friday night as everyone will be too shattered by Sunday to actually do the event on the actual day. I have some last minute costume alterations to make. Suppose i better get cracking.

Only one driving lesson this week which is excellent as it means it frees up time for my brain to get around everything else.

Also I now have a partner in crime, a super awesome person who is making me all smiles at the moment! She has a thing for Sorbet!

More in a week when i should have more work completed.

Have a Banana!


Driving in the Rain

21 Oct


This is the first and rather daunting step into blog territory. Another form of screaming into the void that I do on Facebook and Deviantart. I can try make this entertaining for all or just keep it as a random thought depository for myself and anyone else who chooses to view it. I make art, I craft random things, I chef for a full time job and do design work from home for a part time one. I hunger for a slower more satisfying life but feel blessed by the face paced eccentric life I have.

So follow me if you will on my terrifying tumbles through modern day life, my friends, my drawings, my photos, my misery and my inexhaustible enthusiam for just about everything.

I might even post stuff about evil robots from time to time.